Bringing together what belongs together.

To create

Our paths first crossed ten years ago. Alexandra Greif was just beginning to make her mark on the family business and was more than happy when fashion student Katharina Steingraber joined her at GREIF to gain work experience.
It wasn’t long before we noticed how much we had in common: a passion for traditional Bavarian clothing, high expectations of the fashion business and the pursuit of beauty and elegance in everything we do.

The next few years saw us founding our own labels, learning from experience and living our lives – yet we always kept in touch.

At the beginning of 2022 we shifted our focus and started anew: bringing together two young brands that complemented and reinforced each other. NAAINA & STEINGRABER would now be shaping the future together.

While NAAINA remains feminine, STEINGRABER will continue to set new impulses in men’s fashion. Emotions are the cement of our profession: love and trust in our origins, our craft and our traditions. That feeling of knowing where we come from and our strong cultural roots have given us the freedom and confidence to express ourselves through fashion.

We set high standards – and have high expectations of ourselves and what we do. Our designs and collections are reflections of who we are. Our story is founded on shape and form.

We are NXST.